Friday, March 22, 2013

Jellybam 7.2 available

So Why JellyBam?

- Overall features of AOKP, CM10.1 and AOSPA (ParanoidAndroid)
- BAM CONTROL(includes All features Merged in One)
- Built in SUPERUSER integrated In settings
- Overall features of Jelly Bean 4.2.2
- Latest Cm10.1 kernel with vsync and mali patch
- New mali driver inside
- ExTweaks for Overclock, Undervolt and system optimization
- OTA Update via UpdateMe App
- You can keep your ROM up to date with latest Tweaks, Mods, Themes via
- UpdateMe app
- Pre-Installed GAPPS
- Gallery support for picasa and google sync
- Bluetooth hacked for send / receive APK
- Apollo music player comes from teamhacksung
- Sony Bravia Engine v2
- DSP Manager for sound boost and quality
- 4 Themes: System (My favourite with inverted Apps is very cool), Jelly Blue, Jelly - Dark and Blue Infinitum available in UpdateMe
- TouchWiz Launcher and Apex launcher
- YouTube hacked with 3G+WiFi HD 720p PlayBack
- Gmail with pinch-to-zoom hack
- Alsa audio Technology
- Added Google drive app
-JellyBoom Scripts
- Init.d scripts for boost performance and battery life
- V6 Supercharger for RAM Optimization
- Automatic Zipalign and Permission fix at boot
- SmoothScrolling Tweak
- Build.prop tweak for battery life and system optimization
- Tweaks for 3G and Wifi speed
- Media quality rised to maximum
- Faster GPS
- Roboto font
- JellyBam Special bootanimation
- Multi languages

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